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Mock Trials

Our state-of-the art full-sized courtroom is perfect for your trial practice or trial team.  Do your associates need more simulated practice?  Do your experienced litigators need input before the investment in the official trial?  Do your students need to get the feel of trial outside of a classroom?  We have the solutions.

For information on scheduling your mock trial, email us at info@tjcadr.com


Regardless of your profession, CLEs are an important requirement to stay ahead of the knowledge curve.  Promote your top experts by hosting CLEs in conjunction with the TJC.  We provide support and promotion services to assist your event and grow the name recognition of your experts.

For information on scheduling your CLE, email us at info@tjcadr.com


Whether you are presenting to your own employees or to your strategic partners, choose a facility that accommodates the needs of your speakers and attendees.  Add prestige to your organization.  Access and parking at the TJC offers the maximum convenience and avoids the worst traffic.

For information on scheduling your presentation, email us at info@tjcadr.com

Virtual Offices

Are you working from home currently or ready to reduce your overhead?  Choose our virtual office service that adds prestige to your practice and increases your margins.  Our virtual offices allow access to facilities that no other virtual office service can offer.


Virtual Offices

Focus Groups

Obtain crucial information about your case, your political issue, a bill, an advertising strategy, and much more.  Our facilities offer the perfect location, with amenities and easy parking, to ensure your focus group investment is a success.  We also offer individualized services and support for your focus group.

For information on scheduling your focus group, email us at info@tjcadr.com


Sometimes known as a “mini-trial”, our Rent-A-Judge program allows parties (at any stage of litigation) to hire an experienced former judge to try the case.  The parties may agree that it is binding or non-binding.  Expedite your case, and choose an agreed-upon judge to give your case a fair ruling.  The TJC will connect you with many former judges who may be able to assist you and your client in getting your case finally resolved

For information on scheduling your Rent-A-Judge mini trial, email us at info@tjcadr.com


  • Full sized courtroom
  • Large classrooms
  • Standard and premium meeting / conference / mediation rooms
  • Easy, free parking
  • Coffee bar
  • Complimentary bottled water, spa water, soda, tea, and other refreshments
  • Complimentary breakfast snacks including
  • Daily fresh fruit
  • Clean facilities
  • Office equipment and optional rental technology equipment
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, Inc. sponsored artwork to promote a tranquil, welcoming, and visually appealing experience.
  • Locked storage space for virtual office clients
  • Nearby shopping, dry cleaning, restaurants, and professional services

For information on scheduling your facilities tour, email us at info@tjcadr.com